About .BE

Our Vision is of an open network of proactive individuals, working together, continuously building a sustainable future for our built environment.
Our Mission is “to inspire open innovation, change and collaboration in the built environment”


1. To build the Millennial Network for the built environment.
2. To accelerate the digital transition of the built environment.
3. To support the transition to a digital marketplace for the built environment .
4. To be a hub for connecting innovators and commercialising ideas.


1. Provide an online platform for connecting people and their ideas.
2. Give a toolkit for network members to deliver change.
3. Generate capacity for alternative market structures and finance.
4. Represent the ideas generated by the network to influence policy and incubate new
business models.

Our Values


We keep our lines of communication open to all, we have our conversations in public, we publish our results. We seek to educate, include and enable everyone.


We want to include all stakeholders in the built environment – beyond the confines of the traditional construction industry- and provide them with a voice.



We want to see ideas be taken into action.



dotBuiltEnvironment is organised around three streams which work independently, sharing the same values.

.Be Network

A loose-fit, friendly place for heated and playful conversations.
Members champion digital
innovation and collaboration
in their sphere of influence.

.BE Network

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.Be Innovate

Our technology innovation
hub supports the incubation
of ideas into reality.
We connect the dots
between ideas, developers,
users and funding.

.Be Innovate

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.Be Policy

Our think tank provides
policy support to
government and industry
leaders. We conduct studies and
participate in events to share research.

.BE Policy

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The Team

dotBuiltEnvironment began in 2016, collecting a motley crew of proactive digital enthusiasts and collaborative pioneers who wanted to make a positive difference to the built environment, and were energised by each other’s enthusiasm. The network was initiated by a group of construction professionals previously brought together as the CIC BIM2050 Group. Following the formal establishment of dotBE the team below have stepped forward to nurture the network and workstreams.

Neil Thompson – CEO
Leads digital innovation at a major contractor, but moonlights as a frustrated musician and secret economist.

Henry Fenby-Taylor – COO
A landscape architect with some hefty publishing experience under his belt, Henry has designs on policy. Weapon: pen.

Alex Maclaren – CCO
An architect who migrated to academia, a Londoner escaped to Scotland, and also our Education lead.

David Knight – CFO
David’s infectious enthusiasm for all things Structural is matched only by his extraordinary care and attention for dotBE finances.

Dwight Wilson – CTO
Dwight’s facility with tech and his knowledge of innovation in this area made him a shoo-in for CTO. Like this site? He made it.

Daniel Rossiter – Integrity Officer
As followers of Dan’s BIMhouse blog will attest, this Welshman demonstrates extraordinary commitment to testing and optimising (and humour).

Ryan Tennyson – .Be Innovate Lead
Co-founder of Hack_Construct, Ryan has a proven track record in getting big ideas off the ground. As a new dad, his new project is personal!

Tom Bartley – .Be Network Lead
Tom’s enduring vision for an open platform where proactive individuals can germinate ideas is what got him through his PhD. Now as Network lead, he’s making it happen!

Adam Golden – .Be Policy Lead
From QS to Legal Executive already in his career, Adam is well-placed to give an overview of the procurement problems facing the industry. That was his last research project- what’s next?